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About Us


Lifecare Wembley, a little trundle down Cambridge Street just past the hospital and introducing our latest location in Leederville inside Performance Pilates and Physiotherapy, a meer 300 meters from the vibrant Cafe Strip  

Yes, that’s convenient. But it’s nowhere near the most convenient thing about us. The crew at Bodyright, helmed and directed by Sheldon Griffiths believes the no nonsense approach to massage therapy makes a whole lot of sense.

“I will not over service my clients. If I can’t make a real difference with their pain and injury within three to four sessions, I will refer them to someone I believe can.”

That’s the way Bodyright is, both inside and out. They’re not about “gathering clients” but rather about building a practice based on pure loyalty to the pain relief and full recovery of their patients. And if that loyalty means you send them to another practitioner who might be more specifically what they need, that’s exactly what Bodyright does.

It’s this commitment to healing and patient care that has expedited Sheldon Griffiths’ ascent up through the ranks and definitively branded him as one of the premier massage therapists for professional athletes across the athletic spectrum.

It’s this kind of commitment that has prompted public endorsements from elite professionals like Kevin Lisch, Australian Boomer and NBL MVP such as this one:

“For an athlete's success, recovery and massage therapy are just as crucial as everyday training on the court. Sheldon and his crew have done an outstanding job of getting myself and the rest of our team at the Australian Boomers fit and ready for practices and games. Personally, I know they have played a major role in my development as a player, and I owe much of our successes to them.”

Being an athlete himself (Griffiths has competed and won state, national and/or international titles in BJJ, Surf Boat Rowing, Surf Lifesaving, Cricket, and even math competitions) he is intimately familiar with the discomforts, frustrations, and persistent restrictions that naturally accompany physical injuries to muscles and joints..

In the now 20 plus years Sheldon has practiced professional massage, he has spent a number of those working directly for professional athletic organizations like the Perth Wildcats, Perth Lynx and is well versed in the art of identifying, treating and relieving joint and muscle pain.

He has recently returned from the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro as part of the Australian Mens Basketball Team which went oh so close to it's maiden Olympic Medal

As a proud member of multi-disciplinary clinics, Sheldon is eager to collaborate with fellow practitioners, both within his field of expertise, as well as in other fields, to ensure that every patient that walks through his door receives the most elite, precise and effective care he can provide them with. In short, Griffiths is excited to continue to do what he’s always striven to do: elevate and cultivate a business built on the foundations of health, wellbeing and compassionate, proactive care.

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