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  • Remedial Massage
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  • Sports Massage
  • Sports Massage
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Massage Perth - How We Get Your Body Right at Bodyright!!



Putting the U Back in “Rub”

At Bodyright Massage in Wembley and Leederville, we know each individual body is as unique as the individual within the body. We wouldn’t necessarily say we’re the “feel as we go” kind of practitioners, but we would say we make no assumptions until we really get to know the terrain we’re working with.

This is why Bodyright employs various massage methods; it is why we surround ourselves with other health professionals who tend to see our same world of work from slightly different perspectives; it is why we are permanently committed to constant research and continued education in the art of caring for the body that cares so much for you.

Sports Massage
To create the best possible physical and mental state to allow athletes of ALL levels to achieve their best performance and to enhance recuperation afterwards. Read more

Remedial Massage
A combination of techniques incorporated to relieve muscular ailments and pain in such areas as the lower back, headaches, ITB , shoulder, neck, leg, mid-back and neck. Read more

Relaxation Massage
Generally a flowing massage designed to relax the muscles, reduce stress, tension and to improve circulation and well being.

Deep Tissue Techniques
A combination of deep techniques, such as trigger point release, that are designed to alleviate localised problem areas within the body.

Dry Needling
A treatment approach that was adapted from acupuncture and refers to the insertion of fine, solid filament needles into the musculoskeletal system to deactivate trigger points. Read more

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